Rank List: GS Paper 2 (CSAT) – 2018 Prelims Official Question Paper Re-Take (208PT)

This rank list gets updated every time a new user takes the test. Scroll down to find the name of the toppers. You can compare the number of correct answers vs marks obtained to find out the marks lost by the negative marking.

Note: The ten performance grades given by us based on the marks scored in the tests are: 1=Negative Grade (negative marks), 2=Not Enough (0-24% marks), 3=Needs Improvement (25-39% marks), 4=Average (40-44% marks), 5=Capable (45-49% marks), 6=Competent (50-59% marks), 7=Strong (60-74% marks), 8=Expert (75-89% marks), 9=Master (90-99% marks) and 10=Unbeatable (100% marks).

Performance Comparison Graph: By Grades (Low to High)

67% were graded '2=Not Enough'
33% were graded '3=Needs improvement'

Performance Comparison Graph: By Marks (Low to High)

33% scored '0' marks
33% scored '2' marks
33% scored '56' marks

Performance Comparison: Average Correct Answers vs Your Correct Answers
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Rank List – Mock Test (208PT): Top 100

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent
1. Aindrila Chakraborty2018-07-1555.923902:00:15
2. IgnoreMe2018-07-081.70500:01:37
3. contributor2018-07-080.00000:00:05