Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got queries about ClearIAS Online Mock Tests? No problem! We have compiled here the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our online product, which should answer most of your queries.

“Can I take these online tests from my home or internet cafe?”

Yes! Of course! You can take these tests from where-ever you are comfortable to be in. To take our online mock tests, all you need is an internet-connected device like desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone!

Get an internet connection with low-outage and ensure that you have enough battery backup (for 2 hours) before attempting the tests.

“How do I attempt ClearIAS online mock tests?”

Aspirants need to first register on this website before attempting tests (free or paid). The whole registration process is very simple and hardly takes 2 minutes. In the registration form, users need to give a username, email id, and password.

After registration, users need to confirm their email by clicking on the link received in the email id given. That’s all. You are ready to log in!

“Will I get answer keys and explanations?”

Answer keys and explanations will be displayed in the final result page within 2-3 minutes after each test. This will also be available for each user accounts under My Account ⇒ ‘Completed Quizzes’ ⇒ Details ⇒ View for future reference (see sample screenshot given below).
ClearIAS mock test answer key and solutions

“Can I take the printout of your mock exams?”

While details solutions are easily available for ready reference online, Print or PDF option (offline) is not enabled in ClearIAS Prelims Test Series. This because of 3 reasons – all for the benefit of serious users like you.

  1. To get the most accurate relative performance reports and all-India ranking (by avoiding multiple submissions).
  2. To keep our questions, in a closed loop.
  3. To ensure that candidates take each mock exam seriously, and practice in a timed-environment with negative marking, to avoid mistakes in the exam hall.

There is nothing to worry. All the test-results and detailed solutions are available online, in each user account, for further review. You can go to ‘My Account’ link (Completed Quizzes’ ⇒ Details ⇒ View) and take the revision of any mock-test as many times as you want until Prelims 2019.

“How can I pay for Clear IAS Exam online mock tests?”

ClearIAS Prelims Test Series can be purchased online to get access at once to all existing and future tests!

Alternatively, registered users can buy individual tests separately using the buttons in the respective mock test pages.

Tests can be paid through debit card, credit card or net-banking. Once the payment happens through the payment gateway (hardly takes 2-3 minutes), users will be re-directed back to the corresponding tests with instant access.

“How much does the Clear IAS Exam online mock tests cost?”

Despite our unique features, we have placed great emphasis on the affordability of the test series.

Aspirants have two options to access the ClearIAS online mock test series for UPSC Prelims:

Either take individual prelims mock tests separately for Rs. 400 each using the buttons in the respective mock test pages OR

Enroll in ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series (Complete Package) for just Rs. 9000 Rs. 4999 to get access to 40 mock tests, ie. not only the existing scheduled tests but also all the future UPSC prelims model tests uploaded in this website (popular choice).

“Where is the payment button?”

Payment button for the individual and the package of tests will be visible only after user logins to this website. Payment button is given directly in the test pages.

“Can you explain the payment process?”

It takes hardly 5 minutes to complete the registration and payment! You can use a debit card/credit card/net-banking for making the payment. Payment happens through a 100 percent secure payment gateway (external website). If the transaction is successful, you will be re-directed back to You will get instant and full access to the Prelims Online Mock Tests Complete Package! You are now eligible to attempt not only the listed-paid-tests but also all the up-coming tests scheduled for future

Should the admin approve my registration for my tests to begin?”

After registration and login, if you made payment directly through the payment buttons in, you will get instant access to the mock tests. In such a case, further admin approval is not required, as the whole process is automated.

I have paid for the complete package, where is the link to take mock tests?”

Great! After payment, you will get instant access to the mock tests. Just go to our mock test category page and take the mock tests one by one. More tests will be uploaded to the same page as per the schedule.

Can I pay by direct cash deposit or money order?”

As of now, the supported modes of payment are net banking/debit card/credit card payments. Payments should be made through the payment button in If you face any difficulty with this mode, drop a mail to contactus[at] so that our team will provide a solution.

How long will I get access to the tests if I pay for the complete package for Prelims 2019?”

Once you pay for ClearIAS complete package, the tests can be attempted till the actual date of Preliminary Exam 2019, ie June 2, 2019. Aspirants can access the answer keys and detailed solutions from ‘My Account’ link, anytime until June 2, 2019.

How many times can I attempt an individual test?”

To ensure accurate rankings and a competitive environment, we have limited attempts to one. Aspirants usually will need only one attempt per test, as a short power failure or internet disconnection will not stop your test from submitting. You will lose the test-time during outages (the timer keeps running in the background) but still, you can connect back quickly and continue. You can always access the answer keys and detailed solutions from your account for future reference and study.

What happens if my internet connection gets lost, power goes down etc. during the test?”

If the problem is only for a short time, you are always advised to connect again quickly; you can continue the same test. To strictly simulate exam conditions and avoid cheating, users will get only the time remaining to finish the test. This is ensured by keeping the timer running behind the scene. If the time ran out before the user returned back to the quiz, their results will be submitted blank.
NB: Our advice – Take our online mock exams seriously just like your actual UPSC exam. Get an internet connection with low-outage and ensure that you have enough battery backup (for at least 2 hours) before attempting the tests.

What happens if I accidentally close the browser window?”

Don’t worry, you are advised to connect again quickly; you can continue the same test. To strictly simulate exam conditions and avoid cheating, users will get only the time remaining to finish the test. This is ensured by keeping the timer running behind the scene.

What happens if time runs out before I finish the test?”

To simulate exact exam conditions, the user results are automatically submitted. So the questions already answered will be recorded properly, while others will be marked as unanswered.

What are the terms of use of this website?”

Once paid, the license for attempting tests is granted only for you (the username for which the amount is paid). You should neither share your membership/registration details nor copy the contents of the test series with anyone. You can access the full terms of use/membership of Clear IAS exam by clicking the hyperlink.

Is a product from the family of”

Yes! You are right! is the platform dedicated for timed online mock tests, which is managed by the same team behind and Clear IAS mobile app. Hosting full-length timed-tests with performance reports, user registrations etc. demanded a separate platform; that’s why we came up with Clear IAS Exam – a value-added product – can be considered as the extension of Clear IAS, where we host our paid test series.

Can I take online mock tests anonymously ie. without revealing my actual name to the public?”

Yes, you can. You can give a nickname in the ‘My Account’ link for public display. Also, you can choose any username which you wish. But during payments, we expect you to provide the original name and phone number for verification/confirmation.

Can I take online mock tests from mobile or tablet?”

Yes, you can! We have used responsive design for the online product and aspirants can take mock tests from mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

I am facing issues while accessing this website. What to do?

Due to high traffic, in peak hours some aspirants might face problems accessing our websites – and If you get any errors or face difficulties connecting to these websites, don’t panic; just wait a few minutes and refresh the page. Clear your browser cache. Things should work fine then. If the problem persists, inform our technical team or take exams during non-peak hours. Email id: contactus[at]

I am getting an invalid key error while user account activation. What should I do?

This is probably due to old cache files existing in the system (or because caching not enabled). Delete your browser cache and browser history (from ‘Settings’) before proceeding to the following steps.

1. Click on the link ‘Log in‘ from the top menu of
2. Enter your registered username.
3. Enter the temporary password ‘Activate123’.
4. Click on ‘Resend Activation’.
5. Check for a mail from us with the subject line ‘Activate Your Account’ in your inbox/promotion/spam folder.
6. Right click on the link, and open in an incognito window to activate your account. (If the link is not clickable, copy-paste the link into a new browser which is different from the browser you are using while reading this mail. Examples of browsers include Chrome, Mozilla, Safari or Internet Explorer).
7. Once activated, use your old password or create a new password to login. Remember that ‘Activate123’ is only a temporary password. If you still need help, just drop us an email clearly explaining your issue (with screenshots whenever possible).

Can you explain to me the importance of ClearIAS Prelims mock tests?

Talk to all UPSC toppers, they will agree on one thing – the importance of practising UPSC model tests in a timed-environment.

Besides, there are a lot of highly helpful concepts which you can learn from our quality mock questions, prepared by experts in the field.

Our mock tests not only help you clear UPSC preliminary exam with ease but also boost your confidence for UPSC mains as you will be strong in your conceptual understanding.

Still got queries about Clear IAS Exam Online Mock Tests?”

If you still have concerns or face any problem which needs assistance, feel free to drop a mail to contactus[at] We request you 3 working days time to provide a solution, but normally you get a reply much earlier.