Performance Overview

Answer keys and Detailed Solutions are available Online

  • Answer keys and detailed explanations for each question will be displayed in the final result page within 2-3 minutes after each test.
  • For revision of the mock exams later, the detailed solutions (as displayed on the final screen once you submit a mock exam) will remain available in each user account during the whole duration of the subscription period (ie until next prelims).
  • This can be easily accessed from the Performance Analysis Link OR My Account Link in the Menu (‘Completed Quizzes’ ⇒ Details ⇒ View) for future reference.

Our Features:

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series Performance Analysis Sample Screenshot

ClearIAS members who have paid for the UPSC Prelims mock test series will get detailed performance reports.

You can see the whole list of completed and pending mock tests.

Marks, the percentage of correct answers and performance-grade are some other parameters that can be directly analysed.

Members can also check the keys and explanations of the attempted exams.

In case if you are yet to enroll for ClearIAS Prelims Test series, which can offer you that extra edge in this tight competition, click the payment button to proceed with the payment. As part of our current offer, the ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series (40 UPSC prelims model exams) can be purchased for a discounted price of Rs. 9000 Rs. 4999. This is a limited period offer.