Features of ClearIAS Online Mock Test Series for UPSC Prelims

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Let us make it simple. We take care of the two most essential things aspirants need to clear IAS exam in the least possible time: (1) Learning – in an innovative way focused on the latest UPSC syllabus and standards (2) Testing – simulating actual exam conditions by providing a time-bound competitive environment with negative marking. Isn’t it thrilling to learn and compete with thousands of aspirants across India real-time?

Pan-India competition!

We provide an innovative platform to grade your preparation levels by competing with peers. Judge the pan-India competition based on the detailed rank-list available on full-test-basis as well as subject-basis. Users can compare various parameters like time spent and the number of correct answers.

Learn Fast! Save Time!

Traditional preparation takes a lot of time and effort. Often aspirants will not have much idea where to start and what to study. We at Clear IAS™ have always tried to make things simple for you. Our online mock tests too would be designed in such a way that you can learn complicated subjects in quick time. Unique questions and their detailed explanations help you easily understand confusing areas from each topic – be it Ancient India (History), Ocean Currents (Geography), Parliament (Polity) or Budget (Economics).

Timed Online Mock Tests

Only if tested in a timed format simulating exam conditions with negative marking, candidates will be able to perform to the best of their abilities during the actual exam. Our mock tests will give aspirants a clear idea regarding UPSC standards. The tests will also help candidates to correct their mistakes and develop crucial strategies. Tests are designed in such a way that even beginners can start taking mock exams right from day one.

Take as per your convenience!

We upload tests sticking to a schedule, but once tests are uploaded, aspirants can take tests as per their convenience – at any time they wish! Mock tests will remain available in each user account without any expiry date during the subscription period. The list of prelims mock tests to be completed can be accessed from the performance overview link, once paid.

Detailed solutions and explanations for future reference!

Answer keys and explanations will be displayed in the final result page within 2-3 minutes after each test. This will also be available for each user accounts under the performance overview link (My Account ⇒  performance overview ⇒ completed quizzes ⇒ results ⇒ details ⇒ view) for future reference.

Get Performance Analysis Reports!

Clear IAS Exam UPSC Prelims Mock Tests will also provide a detailed analysis of aspirant’s performance. Your progress report (with lot many statistics) would help you understand your strengths and weakness. You can find your marks, grade, time-used, skills etc. in your dashboard to track your progress. When we conduct all India online mock exams, you will get opportunities to benchmark yourself by comparing with others on an all-India platform. Compete, learn, analyze and clear IAS! Excited?

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series Performance Analysis Sample Screenshot

Topic Tests, Subject Tests, Previous Year Prelims Tests, and All India Tests

New tests will be added regularly that will deal with specific topics (Eg: Parliament), individual subjects (Eg: Polity), previous year prelims (Eg: 2013 Prelims timed-re-take!) and the whole syllabus (Eg: All India mock tests). We cover the whole UPSC syllabus simulating exact exam conditions. Take a free trial of Clear IAS Exam Mock Tests and feel the quality of our questions!

Facility to buy as a complete package or as separate tests!

Apart from providing an innovative platform for pan-India competition and exam performance analysis, this is another area where we have bought a revolution. Aspirants have two options to access the Clear IAS Exam online mock test series for UPSC Prelims: Either

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Limited Period Offer: If you enroll now in the ClearIAS Prelims Online Test series 2019 you will get access to 40 full-length all-India mock tests at just Rs. 9000 Rs. 4999 (inclusive of all taxes). This means you get the benefit of:

  • Instant access to all the uploaded paid-mock tests in this website – even at midnight!
  • Automatic access to all upcoming paid-mock tests in Prelims Test Series 2019, without any additional individual payments!
  • Flexibility to attempt exams in ClearIAS Prelims Test Series 2019 at any time convenient for you, until 02-06-2019 (ie. the date of Prelims 2019, when the validity expire.)

Tests can be paid through debit card, credit card or net-banking. Once the payment happens through the payment gateway (hardly takes 2-3 minutes), users will be re-directed back to the corresponding tests with instant access. Sounds great, huh?

Learning Zone: Answer key with explanations in your account for future reference

We have given high importance to the learning aspect in our test series. Most answers will be provided with an explanation which will help aspirants learn the concepts behind the question. Solutions to each test will appear on the same screen within 2-3 minutes after the test. The same can also be accessed from the ‘performance analysis‘ link under respective registered user accounts for future reference.

Importance of UPSC Mock Exams by ClearIAS™

Deliver in the exam hall!

What matters in IAS exam is not what you know, but how you deliver in the exam hall on the exam day. Only when tested in an exam atmosphere with negative marking, you can assess and improve your ability to deliver in the actual exam hall. We have observed many aspirants with good knowledge fumble at the exam hall, the reason being the lack of practice. Quality practice increases your chance of clearing UPSC Prelims exponentially.

Questions from the right sources!

Clear IAS Exam online mock tests are set by the same team behind clearias.com who know the latest trends. We plan to include in this test series, the best questions that can be asked from NCERT, NIOS, IGNOU, IAS textbooks and all major online and offline study materials in the market from which questions are asked in the UPSC exams.

Save Time!

Clear IAS Team has been putting all the hard work and pain in creating the best possible questions in our online tests to make our product a complete self-study package. This means that aspirants can save a lot of time and effort while doing their preparation. You can learn fast as almost all the important areas would be selected and presented before you in a quick-to-learn format.

A new way of learning!

We are not just equipping students to face UPSC exam by simulating exam conditions. What we are presenting is a new way of learning. Register and log in to feel the difference! All the best! Clear IAS Exam!

PS: Refer our FAQ section if you need more information about Clear IAS Exam online mock test series.