About Clear IAS Exam

Clear IAS Exam (cleariasexam.com) is the online mock test platform for UPSC Prelims developed by ClearIAS™ as part of the comprehensive self-study package for CSE. This platform integrates learning with test-taking, making the whole IAS preparation interesting and fast. We have both free UPSC prelims model tests and paid UPSC prelims model tests in this website. Full-length UPSC prelims online mock tests which require a payment can be bought individually or as a complete prelims mock test package. Our innovative platform offers pan-India competition and detailed exam performance analysis.

Team behind Clear IAS Exam

This online test taking platform is the initiative by Clear IAS™(clearias.com), the name which needs no introduction to IAS aspirants. ClearIAS – the comprehensive self-study package – has been providing UPSC study materials, tips to clear IAS exam, IAS books, UPSC notifications, syllabi, current affairs, toppers interview etc. for FREE for last 5 years. Clear IAS Team launched ‘Clear IAS Exam’ as a separate test engine as the delivery of quality timed-mock tests in the way we designed requires separate infrastructure.

ClearIAS Products

ClearIAS has emerged as an alias for online UPSC exam preparation, with the presence in both web as well as mobile platforms. We are very popular in social media as well. Listing out our major products.

ClearIAS website

www.clearias.com: Rated among the top quality websites for IAS preparation by serious aspirants, clearias.com receives about 15 lakh page views per month. This revolutionary initiative is completely free till the moment, and we provide free online study materials, guidance, toppers interview and lot more.

Clear IAS App

ClearIAS app:  Not many apps in the market, provide all the features like Clear IAS, including study materials and online tests for free. ClearIAS android app was ranked in the top 5 new apps under education category in the Google Play store. Clear IAS app crossed 3,00,000 downloads within a short time since its launch. The free-to-download app is designed as a comprehensive self-study package for UPSC Civil Services exam. Now aspirants can extend their IAS exam preparation from laptops to mobiles and tablets.

ClearIAS mock test platform

www.cleariasexam.com: Clear IAS Exam is the extension of Clear IAS, which acts as the platform for online mock test platform for UPSC Civil Services Exam. This is an innovative product, a one of its kind which integrates learning with test-taking, making the whole IAS preparation interesting and fast. UPSC Prelims Online Mock Tests by Clear IAS Exam is the best solution in the market at the most affordable price.

ClearIAS, aspirants, and media

IAS aspirants across India (and those who prepare from outside India) has been supporting and encouraging us from the very beginning for the affordable, quality, online education. Clear IAS Facebook page is one of the most popular social media pages of an online education initiative with more than 3 lakh followers. We were featured in the Yourstory.in teacher’s day article on online test preparation start-ups being built from India. Clear IAS app got the distinction ‘App of the Week’ from AppMakr – a recognition given only to 52 apps each year from a collection of more than 21 lakh apps. The love and support of aspirants are the main motivating factors for us to come up with more value products like the Clear IAS Exam online mock exam test engine.

Vision of ClearIAS™

ClearIAS – the comprehensive self-study package for UPSC CSE – is a venture to help all aspirants who look for guidance outside the classroom coaching or who can’t afford it due to time/financial constraints. Our vision is to guide maximum candidates in the right path, particularly from the rural side, who otherwise would have very little chance to walk through the power corridors. We believe that services like IAS, IPS, IFS etc need the best brains in the country and we strive to ensure that no deserving candidate be left out of UPSC exam competition due to inaccessibility of expensive IAS classroom coaching.

Contact ClearIAS Team

You may contact us through email. Our address is contactus[at]cleariasexam.com. Also, you can ping us through our social media profiles. Thanks!