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Dear IAS aspirant, welcome to the UPSC Prelims Online Mock Tests by Clear IAS Team! We have re-defined the preparation strategies for IAS Exam by developing a new online product, the only one of its kind! Our test engine integrates learning with test-taking, making the whole IAS preparation affordable, interesting and fast. You would be surprised to find how fast you can learn!
IAS Exam Preparation Strategy Re-defined
Let us make it simple. We take care of the two most essential things aspirants need to clear IAS exam in the least-possible time: (1) Learning – in an innovative way focused on the latest UPSC syllabus and standards (2) Testing – in actual exam conditions by providing a time-bound competitive environment.
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Topic Tests, Subject Tests, Previous Year Prelims Tests and All India Tests
New tests will be added regularly that will deal with specific topics (Eg: Parliament), individual subjects (Eg: Polity), previous year prelims (Eg: 2013 Prelims timed-re-take!) and the whole syllabus (Eg: All India mock tests). We cover the whole UPSC syllabus simulating exact exam conditions. Take a free trial of Clear IAS Exam Mock Tests and feel the quality of our questions!
How do I attempt Clear IAS Exam online mock tests?
How can I pay for Clear IAS Exam online mock tests?
Introductory launch offer!
Despite our unique features, we have placed great emphasis on the affordability of the test series. As part of our launch offer, the complete prelims online test package can be purchased for Rs.3000 while individual mock tests can be purchased for Rs.100 each during March 2015. This launch offer is valid only for March 2015 and prices will be revised later.

Importance of UPSC Mock Exams by Clear IAS Exam™

Deliver in the exam hall!Questions from right sources!Save Time!New way of learning!
What matters in IAS exam is not what you know, but how you deliver in the exam hall on the exam day. We have observed many aspirants with good knowledge fumble at the exam hall, reason being lack of practice. Quality practice increase your chance of clearing UPSC Prelims many fold.
Clear IAS Exam online mock tests are set by the same team behind who know the latest trends. We plan to include in this test series, the best questions that can be asked from NCERT, NIOS, IGNOU, IAS text books and all major online and offline study materials in the market from which questions are asked in the UPSC exams. 
Clear IAS Team is making all the hard-work and pain in creating the best possible questions in our online tests to make our product a complete self study package. This means that aspirants can save a lot of time and effort while doing their preparation. You can learn fast as almost all the important areas would be selected and presented before you in a quick-to-learn format. 
We are not just equipping students to face UPSC exam by simulating exam conditions. What we are presenting is a new way of learning. Register and log in to feel the difference! All the best! Clear IAS Exam!

PS: Refer our FAQ section if you need more information about Clear IAS Exam online mock test series. Also note that registrations will be open to the aspirants in a week.